November 13, 2008

country kittens

A friend emailed this picture to me today. I don't know where it came from or who took it, or even if it's real. Looks genuine. Here is the caption that came with the photo:
"So, there I was . . . just relaxing and then the kids yelled, 'Hey Mom, come see the kittens'."

In the Big City, we called these skunks. Around here, these black and white creatures are country kittens, and their spray is "country perfume". I smelled the effects of one around the neighborhood the other night, when My Darling Husband and I were outside in the cool evening air. Runnn!! I'll take a bed of
roses, thank you.

Can you imagine getting sprayed by one? Life would come to a temporary halt, as nobody would want to socialize with you. My father once ran into a skunk and came home wearing the evidence. My parents tried all sorts of ways to make dad's clothes like new again. Finally, mom buried his clothes in the ground. Either to erase them from dad's memory or to let the dirt absorb the nasal assault.

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