November 26, 2008


MEANING:conjunction, adverb: From whatever place.
ETYMOLOGY:From whence (from what place) + soever (at all, of any kind).
USAGE:"[Lizbeth, the dog] loves human attention and like Browning's duchess she is pleased indiscriminately whencesoever it comes."Jonathan Raban; The View From a Literary Dumpster; The New York Times; Oct 10, 1993.

A THOUGHT FOR TODAY:The race of men, while sheep in credulity, are wolves for conformity. -Carl Van Doren, professor, writer, and critic (1885-1950)"

Who knows the provenance of these melamine dishes, but they sure are pretty! Perfecto for a picnic in the park, pasture or whatever place.

In The Big City, there was this gorgeous park and this breathtaking one, and hundreds of others scattered throughout the neighborhoods. Here in The Small Town, there are at least two parks that I have seen with my own eyes. One is itty bitty. The other is the town gathering spot from spring through autumn. It contains the towns football and track arena, picnic areas, swimming pool with a slide, a small zoo, miniature train, miniature golf and a carousel that costs a mere 5 cents per person! Small time entertainment. Great for the pocketbook.

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