January 19, 2009

here, sample this

Did you see Alicia's? Here's my sampler. I'm going to cross-stitch it. I mean, I'll add it to the list of crafty things I want to do. But I will stitch it...perhaps embroider it. Living in a small town means I'm close to the country so I can drive quickly to the rural areas for country inspiration, or walk through town for city inspiration for the sampler. Samplers are so easy to personalize. You can add your initials and date you completed the project, the names of the recipients or images from the life you know.

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  1. Hi - saw you on my live feed. Great blog - was shocked to see Jill Stanicks name on your side bar. Search her name on my blog, you'll probably appreciate some of those posts! Love your LIFE stuff on the side bar!