April 7, 2009

the difference between a man and a woman

re: Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. My Darling Husband and I both are in need of new eye spectacles, says the optometrist.

We don't just get our eyes examined and choose our new eyeglass frames simultaneously on one appointment. Well, I don't. My Darling Husband does. He came out of the examining rooms and went straight for the frame boutique. A mere 15 minutes and 8 frames later, he is the proud owner of new eyeglasses.

Me on the other hand? Eye examination...check. Into the frame boutique, spend an hour, select 5 frames to borrow (an advantage of our small-town optometrist). Go home, have My Darling Husband take snapshots of me in various frames, email snaps to family and friends for their wisdom, mull over their replies and the frames for a week. Repeat process twice.

One month later I am still wearing my current prescription. My Darling Husband just doesn't understand...choose one already! But I can't just choose the 8th frame I pick up. This is a very important decision that affects every day of my life with those glasses. I want an exact copy of my current glasses. They're like a pair of well-fitting jeans--just have to stick with what fits and looks good.

So I'm off to a different frame boutique at a different optometrist's office tomorrow. Maybe the 20th pair will be the charm.


  1. First off, funny picture! I just love it!

    My son got new glasses and he picked the first pair and tried on no others. I couldn't believe it.

    Best wishes on finding the perfect pair!

  2. he he he. So funny about your son choosing his glasses in a flash!

    The spectacled boy picture is from http://www.graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/, which I did link the picture to.

    Thanks, Randi. I enjoy reading your blog.

  3. Oh that picture is such a hoot. It's just amazing how different the male and female perspectives are when approached with the very same situation. Isn't it a wonder we can live together!

    Thanks for your visit and sweet comment!!

  4. Haha, I understand! I almost didn't get any the last time I needed them - it's so hard to choose!