July 21, 2009

he had a centipede, but I have a Junebug

Speaking of creatures, I'd like to introduce you to the stray kitten that adopted us a couple of weeks ago. Isn't she adooorrrable?! I christened her Junebug for the gold spot on her face. Her visage is like a golden junebug cruising in the night. Night is when I discovered her and her sibling seeking shelter in our back yard from the fireworks being set off in the neighborhood a few days before Independence Day. Junebug came to me right away. They left and I didn't see Junebug for a few days. Then she returned without her sibling. Junebug has been here ever since. There are lots of stray cats in The Small Town and even more in surrounding Even Smaller Towns. And because we have a swimming pool in our back yard, neighborhood strays always make a beeline for our yard. I usually don't feed strays, but when I saw this kitten, who didn't have her mother to depend on, well, how could I leave her to chance? No way.
She loves to be held and cuddled. My Darling Husband is allergic to felines, so sorry, Junebug, you have to stay outside. I'm trying to find a good home for her where she can be an indoor cat. She wants to come in. Just look at that face! So cuuute!

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