June 14, 2010

my dog is American but he can eat like a Chinese

My Darling Husband is away on a business trip, so I thought I'd post some photos of what CutieDog and I have been up to while M.D.H. is away. He reads this blog so I'll add this to our forms of communication.
I was craving (not pregnant, Moms) Chinese food the other day so I bought some take-out. There are three Chinese restaurants in our Small Town. Two of them are Bad Dried-Out Hard Chinese Food restaurants, and the third is much much better. Not all the way up to Big City standards, but still good nonetheless. Mmmm, your food looks mighty tasty!
After using the fork for a few bites, I suddenly remembered these pretty chopsticks we have and what is Chinese food without chopsticks? These were bought from Crate and Barrel some years ago. Honey, the dog is well-educated in the area of international cuisine now.
Take a deep breath...this was after I finished eating. He got the scraps like a good dog anywhere in the world. I think he would order crab ragoons if he could.

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