September 23, 2012

okie signs and flowers

Today I drove the short trip down to Oklahoma to visit some of My Darling Husband's family. Nearing their house I passed through this intersection. I was amused by all the "Garage Sale" and "For Sale" signs clustered together on this one corner. Who has time to read them all as you whiz by or wait for the short red light to turn green? Funny. I suppose an earnest garage saler would just pull in to the parking lot to write down the addresses.
After lunch, we sat on the back patio, enjoyed the breeze, chatted, and admired Grandma P.'s flowers. She started all her roses by root cuttings. She was gifted with a magic green thumb! The only bushes I've ever been able to start from cuttings are boxwoods. That was an encouraging feat, but I would dearly like to be able to start roses from cuttings also. I've tried various methods, but they all died. Guess I'll keep trying. That red rose in the photograph below has the most intoxicating scent. My mother-in-law and I wanted to stand there and sniff it all day.  
Grandma's hibiscus tip of the day: if your hibiscus is overrun by sugar ants, just repot it into a flower pot instead of the ground, then place the pot in the center of a pan of water. The ants will stay away. She keeps her hibiscus on the patio.
This last snapshot is for My Darling Husband, who aspires to have a piece of frog yard art. We have a deal...he gets one of those and I will get to have a gazing ball.

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  1. Hi! Just stopping by for a visit....I love the image of all the signs. I hope to start seeing garage sale and estate sale signs soon around here!