December 19, 2008

a little songbird sang to me

Well...actually it was a choir of high school songbirds. Last night My Darling Husband and I were in for a treat when we attended the Christmas concert at the local public high school.

Ahhh, their voices! Especially the locally prestigious senior class choir could compete with a professional choir. And, they sang a cappella. I'd love to have them serenade me to sleep each night. Sweet dreams gare-on-teeed.

Another highlight of the concert is that the song selections included old Christmas hymns. Hymns, not just carols. Hymns that spoke the names Jesus, God the Father, Christ.... How refreshing that in this age of reality-denying political correctness that the high school choir director in this small town is not quivering in his boots at the thought of offending a single someone with accurate historical tradition. Take that, bully ACLU. Christ is in Christmas.

Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming was one of the songs.

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