December 18, 2008

Princess Calico

The word calico drums up images of the calico cat my family had when I was a wee lass. I thought Princess was the cutest thing ever. I'll make today Word Wednesday, because I still think calico cats are one of the cutest things. Cute as a button. Perhaps we should change that phrase to cute as a kitten.

"A Word A Day
1. A brightly printed coarse cotton cloth.
2. (Mainly British) A plain white cotton cloth.
3. An animal having a spotted coat, especially with red and black patches.
1. Made from such a cloth.
2. Having a spotted pattern.
From Calicut, former name of Kozhikode, a city in southern India from where this cloth was exported. Other words for clothes with Indian origins are bandana, cashmere, chintz, dungarees, jodhpurs, khakis, madras, pajamas, and seersucker (not all are toponyms). "
I still like a good calico, both feline and fabric form. Here's a good feline picture. I can just feel that velvet nose.

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