June 2, 2012

cake please

Yesterday was National Donut Day. The cake variety is my favorite, especially apple cider cake donuts. Today I ate a plain cake donut with chocolate icing for breakfast. Oh, and glazed donut holes. One of my fond memories is of my mother, sister and I purchasing donut holes at the local German bakery when I was a child in northeast Kansas. There was also a Daylight Donuts shop in town and it even had a drive-through window. 
The small town where My Darling Husband and I currently live has a couple of special-order bakeries and a Daylight Donuts shop. This morning we walked by to pick up breakfast after leaving the farmer's market. Both the donut shop and the market are downtown. A good thing about small towns is that they're walkable, so any donut calories can be exercised off!

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