June 7, 2012

molehill 4: kitchen wedding presents

Last year I blogged about all the fabric I brought with me when My Darling Husband and I married. Here and there I make progress on making things from the stash. I've also given away a bit of the fabric and sold some in a garage sale.

Here's a photo of my latest creation: part of a wedding present for the friends whose wedding we attended last Friday. A couple of years ago I bought some flour sack towels from the local farm store. Sometimes I am very nostalgic, and when I saw these towels, it reminded me of one of my grandmothers and how she has always dried her dishes with big white flour sack towels. I had to have some for my kitchen even though I air-dry my dishes! I bought enough for me and to make a few wedding presents for other people. I made one for this wedding present. First I embroidered a vintage design on one towel, then ripped out the seams of two towels, and sewed them together with a straight stitch. I used pinking shears to finish the edges.

Along with the tea towel, we gave the bride and groom a houseplant potted in the bride's favorite color, a set of blank recipe cards, a cheese grater off their wedding registry, and I crocheted a small granny square hot pad/potholder.

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