December 11, 2008

roses are red, roses on blue

Look what I found in the mailbox today:
A Cath Kidston shopping bag from our blogging friend at Vintage Pleasure. I like her blog because we share a penchant for pretty and practical vintage items, she upholds family life in the traditional sense when posting about family, her blog is pleasing to the eye, and well, I have always been an Anglophile.
The bag was made for a good cause. Coincidentally it just happens to be one of my favorite color schemes which is red and light blue together. It's meant to be a shopping bag, but it's my new knitting bag. No more plastic bags from the stores for my knitting.Just in time for knitting group at the library tonight.

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  1. So glad that you like it! Sorry I haven't been by sooner.It's been such a week! I'll blog later.